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A Big Concern for Parents: Flat Rock Auto Insurance for College Students

Flat Rock Auto Insurance for College Students: A Big Concern for Parents

Flat Rock Auto Insurance for College Students: A Big Concern for Parents

Children gearing up for college is one of the most overwhelming things in a parent’s life. It can be quite a challenge to find the funds for his/her tuition, books, dormitory and car insurance. A smart parent always finds a way to discover how to be prudent even with this big educational investment. When it comes to car insurance, one way you can save up is to find the right auto insurance company.

There are many factors that can affect your child’s college student car insurance. Going to college involves many tendencies of mishaps and it is no surprise that college students are categorized as being high-risk. In order to understand what you should be paying for their premium, it is necessary to ask your child these questions:

  1. Is the child listed as a primary driver on a policy? Is he/she responsible enough for it? Parents can save money on auto insurance by listing their children as an occasional driver.
  2. Will they be driving more or less than when they lived with you? Discipline is important when having a car. Imply that they have to be responsible when behind the wheel and avoid using their vehicle when they can manage to fare with other modes of transportation.
  3. Is the college within an area where there is greater risk to the car? Consider theft, vandalism and accidents.
  4. What are other forms of transportation? Your child may not need a car after all, and it is important to look at other possibilities before investing in a vehicle.

If having a car is necessary, don’t worry; you can still get discounts for your child’s auto insurance. Having good grades can help with the cost. Having a Good Student Discount can help shave off a few dollars from the original premium and this will be able to help you in the long run. The requirements may differ from state to state, but the basics are:

  • They should be between ages 16-24
  • A full time student with a grade point average of B or 3.0
  • Included in the Dean’s List or Honor Roll Status
  • Included in the Top 20% of their class

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