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Commercial Insurance Overview

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Your business is what keeps your income flowing. It’s just right that you protect it with enough coverage from potential loss and liabilities.

As a company owner, you want your business to run smoothly, going forward, facing the bumps and hassles with peace of mind. Having commercial insurance helps you to do just that; we’re giving you a financial option that backs you up in your time of need. Our range of products can offers coverage for risks such as property damage, personnel protection and legal liability.

We have put together plans that will look after your business both tangibly and financially. With your help, we can assess the probable dangers your company may face and prepare for the rainy days. Your business can deal with challenges head on because we’ve got your back, covered and secured.

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Some of our services include:

Business Owner’s Policy: An essential for every business owner, this type of commercial insurance provides coverage for property, liability and employee-related compensations. This protects the physical aspect of your business by covering your brick-and-mortar establishment from fire, wind and theft.

General Liability: Also known as Casualty Insurance, this offers coverage for damages to a person or property for which the company is legally responsible, especially if it occurs within their premises. This type of plan is among the basic elements in a business insurance policy.

Property Insurance: This offers coverage to your company for potential loss or damage done within your establishment. Risks include fire, vandalism and theft. Property Insurance comes in different categories which includes commercial building insurance and personal property insurance. Talk to us to discover which category your property insurance fits in.

Professional Liability: No one is perfect. This is why the dread of negligence, malpractice and errors may be claimed against your company. The Professional Liability insurance protects you financially against these claims, helping you get your company back on track.

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Here is a more comprehensive list:

General Liability Insurance (Liability Insurance)
Property Insurance (Buildings and Personal Property)
Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)
Commercial Auto Insurance
Worker’s Compensation
Professional Liability Insurance
Directors and Officers Insurance
Data Breach
Key man and Buy and Sell Life Insurance
Cyber and Data Breach
Equipment Breakdown Insurance
Utility Coverage
Ordinance and Law Coverage
Replacement Cost Coverage
Functional Replacement Cost Coverage
Actual Cash Value (ACV)
Business Income and Extra Expense
Loss of Rental Income Coverage
Loss Payable Clause
Additional Insured Policy
Certificates of Insurance
Evidence of Property Insurance
Protection Class
Insurance Service Office
Acord Forms
Crime Insurance
Flood Insurance
Experience Mod

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